Three Little Birds 2024 Calendar - Arthur & Sam

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Our 2024 calendar is on the way, and features 12 of Deborah's newest illustrations of two friends, Arthur (the bear) and Sam (the duck), two apparently unlikely friends, whose personalities and characteristics are quite opposite to what their physical appearance might suggest. Though they couldn't be more different in almost every way, their bond is a special one, based on trust, honesty and understanding. 

The calendar measures 29.7cm x 21cm (A4), and 29.7cm x 42cm (A3) when open. It is saddle stitched at the seam, with a small hole for hanging. 

Each month has a box per day, with an additional notes section too! Wrapped in a compostable sleeve, it makes a lovely gift.  

This is a limited run product!

 (There's a full video of this calendar over on Instagram - come find me @threelittlebirdsillustration !)