Send Direct

The “send direct” service is one we have always been so happy to offer, but now more than ever, this option to send straight to friends and loved ones has become so important.

  • We never include payment information in packages because these are emailed to the address entered at the time of placing the order (paper-free).

  • If you are choosing to ship the package directly to someone, we can pop in one of our “Just for You” notecards.

  • Furthermore, if you would like us to add a note to the notecard, or to include a message in a greeting card that is in your order for you, we would love to do it! There is never an additional cost associated with this. Just use the Notes box at checkout to let us know what you would like added and we’ll take care of the rest. (This is really recommended so that the person knows who it's coming from!)

  • The offer to add a note is only available where your order is being sent direct to the recipient. Notes added to non 'send direct' orders (i.e. the shipping details are the same as the order details) unfortunately will not be fulfilled.

Please note, there can only be one shipping address per order, so if you would like us to send multiple gifts on your behalf, these should be processed as individual orders. Thank you!