Work With Me


1. How do I get in touch with you to discuss a project?

You can contact me at but please do read the below information in case it answers some questions for you too! 

2. I'd like to commission a drawing, do you do that? (e.g. house portraits, venue illustrations, one-off drawings).

I'm afraid I'm not available for private commission of pieces like this at this time. I regularly receive requests for wedding venues and I am working on some currently which will be added here over the coming months. 

3. Do you illustrate books?

Yes! I am so enthusiastic about all book illustration projects; picture book illustrations, chapter book drawings, and book covers. If you have just written a book and are self-publishing, or are a publisher looking for an illustrator please get in touch to discuss your project. 

4. What other type of projects are you available to work on? 

I would love to work on more projects within publishing, packaging and licensing for retail. 

5. What are your rates?

If you are a publisher, organisation, or a writer self-publishing, please get in touch and we can discuss rates tailored to your project requirements. 

6. What software do you use? 

Procreate App for iPad, and Adobe Photoshop.

7. Do you have a portfolio of work?

Yes, I'm always adding to it too! Please take a look at it here.

8. Are you represented by an agent?

I currently don't have an agent, but if you are interested in discussing potential representation please email me! 

9. Do you sell prints?

I sell prints, cards, and a small range of stationery and homeware on my site. There is also a full FAQ about products here too, but if you have any questions please get in touch at  :-)